When You Should Get a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted on: July 1, 2023

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A wisdom tooth extraction is not something that most people look forward to. However, it is often necessary to relieve pain and ensure good oral health. With that, it is important to know when to get wisdom teeth extracted. Everyone's mouth is different, meaning that everyone will experience impacted wisdom teeth at different times, and some people will not have the problem at all. Patients may therefore wonder how to know when they need an extraction.

The recommended time for wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars to erupt in the mouth, usually in the later teen years. While some people have no trouble with them, many people suffer impaction, with the teeth only partially erupting or not emerging at all, remaining stuck under the gums. Extracting these teeth can improve oral health and comfort.

When experiencing crowding or pain

A lot of dentists recommend that patients undergo wisdom tooth extraction due to crowding. Sometimes there is simply not enough room for the new molars. The teeth in front of the wisdom teeth will begin to shift due to overcrowding in the mouth.

Aside from crowding, pain can also occur, which is another red flag that indicates the need for extraction. Impacted wisdom teeth may cause infections between other teeth or even along the gum line. When experiencing either crowding or pain, patients should consult with a dentist about an extraction.

As early on as possible

A wisdom tooth extraction should take place as early on as possible. As soon as the wisdom teeth start to become impacted, dentists typically recommend extraction.

When teeth begin to grow in, they develop roots beneath the gums. These roots anchor the teeth in place, creating a strong support system. Once the roots are fully developed, it can be extremely painful to have the teeth removed, which is why dentists often urge patients to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction sooner rather than later.

When new teeth grow in, they also affect the jawbone around the area. When the wisdom teeth first become impacted, the surrounding bone will still be tender and much softer. As more time passes and the teeth become anchored in place, the bone will start to densify and harden. Harder bone can make for greater discomfort and slower healing when the wisdom teeth are extracted, which is why the earlier, the better.

No set age

Wisdom tooth extraction is not necessarily done at a certain age. Because every patient is different, the age when these teeth emerge can vary. Dentists typically begin checking for wisdom teeth once a patient reaches the age of 16. Most of the time, the wisdom teeth will begin to show between the ages of 16 and 19. Once they do, the determination can be made of when and if extraction should take place.

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